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Implant-Retained, Gum Supported Overdentures

Are you considering dentures, but are worried that they might not perform as well as you would want them to? Have you considered implant-retained, gum supported overdentures? Traditional dentures are stabilized by adhesive. Even the best adhesive has limited capabilities. It is not unusual for dentures to slip and slide around in the mouth, creating friction in the mouth that can generate sores and be uncomfortable. You should also know that traditional dentures will not fully restore to you the functionality you enjoyed with your natural teeth.

Implant-retained, gum supported overdentures are an upgrade from comprehensive dentures that promote more physical function. You will find it easier to eat, communicate, and you will also not have to worry about experiencing the embarrassment of your prosthetic falling out.

Implant and Gum Stabilization

Implant-retained, gum supported overdentures rely on your natural gums and surgically placed implants for stabilization. We pride ourselves in taking customized, form-fitting dental molds so that the prosthetic can maximize the innate support of your pre-existing gums. Your prosthetic is further secured by two or more carefully placed implants that your prosthetic will lock on to.

Understanding Implants

What are implants? It is an everyday misconception that an implant is an artificial tooth that is surgically affixed to the gums. This is inaccurate. Implants are usually, small, titanium rods that are inserted into the alveolar bone in the jaw. In a process dentists refer to as osseointegration, the implant assimilates with the bone, so completely that it can be verified microscopically on a biological level.

Some patients elect to replace all their missing teeth with implants that have restorations, otherwise known as artificial teeth attached to the implants via metal abutments. For this particular solution, the implants will serve as anchors that allow your prosthetic to snap in and out of place.

There are many benefits to implants. Perhaps most notably, is an implant’s ability to inhibit bone loss that occurs naturally with the loss of a tooth or teeth. An implant so closely mimics the roots of natural teeth that the implant essentially fools the bone into growing around it. Maintaining the density of your alveolar bone will help prevent facial collapse and unnecessary aging of the unsupported skin.

Implant-Supported Overdentures vs. Implant Restorations

At this point, you might be considering replacing all of your teeth with implant restorations. Restorations are an excellent option; no other solution so perfectly mimics the function and appearance of natural teeth. However, the implant restorations process can take upwards of a year. One of the reasons for the lengthy duration of the process is that you may be required to undergo multiple bone grafting procedures. With implant-supported dentures, bone grafting may not be necessary or as extensive, and because of this, the process is relatively short. You should also know that replacing a full arch with implants can be quite costly, partially due to the multiple procedures involved. The good news is that implant anchored dentures are true to life, less expensive than fixed restorations and will restore most of your function

Interested in Implant-Supported Dentures?

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